Iron Man 3 Filming Moved on Account of Rain, Now Shooting at [Spoiler?]

Filming that was scheduled to take place on Weston Parkway in Cary, North Carolina today for the upcoming Marvel Studios release Iron Man 3 has been moved due to rain on what looks like a stretch of road just begging for a high-speed chase.

If that's the case, of course, it could explain earlier reports from near the set that a number of Miami emergency vechicles had been spotted unloading from production trucks. Police and firefighters, along with one of Tony Stark's fancier cars, could play a role in something like that, taking place between Harrison Avenue and NC 54 in Cary.

With the roads not being ready for filming due to the rain, Iron Man 3's production has headed to the SAS Institute, where an anonymous source tells that the interior is decorated for Christmas--something that also jives with earlier reports from the set.

SAS is a software developer, which begins to develop an interesting pattern following last week's shoot at a video game developer's office. Could these offices, more than just being cool-looking buildings, turn out to have some actual in-story relevance in terms of developing software for Stark Industries, and/or the Extremis project? Only time will tell.