Iron Man 3 To Lay Groundwork For Avengers 2

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Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has made a big deal in the past about how Iron Man 3 will be a standalone movie and there won't be any other Avengers showing up. However, just because the Hulk won't be popping by for breakfast doesn't mean there won't be plenty of Avengers connections in Iron Man 3. has already reported on The Mandarin's Captain America tattoo and how what happened in New York in The Avengers will be wearing heavily on Tony Stark's mind. Now, according to MTV, Feige has also let slip that Iron Man 3 will start to lay the groundwork for Avengers 2. In regards to Iron Man 3, Kevin Feige said, "I would say that the exercise of this film is very much standalone, more so than any Iron Man film since the first one. But because we are in Phase Two and we're heading towards another Avengers movie, there's certainly a road that's being paved — you just might not notice it." Feige continued, "While you're driving on the road, not knowing where it's going, you might not realize that there are road signs and signals and lane changes that we're setting up now — they might not be readily apparent the first time you see the movie." So what do Feige's comments indicate for Iron Man 3? Our guess is that it's a hint that characters will be introduced who might later play a role in Avengers 2 as either heroes or villains. Photos from the Iron Man 3 set revealed that the A.I.M. terrorist organization will be part of Iron Man 3, and they could play a villain role in future Marvel movies. It also could mean that someone will be introduced in civilian clothes who might later costume up as a new member of The Avengers in the sequel.