Jesse Eisenberg Doesn't Know If Lex Luthor Will Be In Justice League Movies

Lex Luthor BVS Header
(Photo: Warner Bros. )

Not even Lex Luthor knows where he'll be popping up next.

Jesse Eisenberg, who made his debut as the Superman villain in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice over the weekend, is unsure of if or when we will see Lex pop up in the DC movie universe again.

“I don’t know if they are so settled on where my character goes,” Eisenberg told Business Insider. “I only hope I have another opportunity to work with these wonderful people and play this interesting character.” He did go on to say he would be "thrilled" to reprise the role.

Eisenberg's Luthor was one of the highlights of Batman v. Superman for many audiences. Most reviews and fan reactions were consistent with their appreciation for Eisenberg's efforts and Affleck's Batman. It's interesting to think that Eisenberg hasn't been contacted about appearing in the Justice League movies which start production next month.

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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in theaters and Justice League: Part One is set for release November 17, 2017.