Justin Bieber As Robin In Batman Vs. Superman Draws Over 350K Likes On Instagram

Jutin Bieber as Robin

Earlier tonight, Justin Bieber teased via Instagram that he could be up for the Robin role in Batman Vs. Superman. While there are many cries of protest erupting on Twitter, not everyone is having a negative reaction to the potential casting news. Justin Bieber’s post about the possible Robin role has generate over 350,000 likes from his fans on Instagram in around 4 hours.

Meanwhile, the press is baffled and confused about how to react to the news. Most seem to be in agreement that Bieber is making some type of joke, possible related to a Funny or Die skit he filmed earlier today. However, there is just enough doubt that there is also speculation that it could be true.

Justin Bieber is know to be a Batman fan, as it was reported that he wore a Batman mask when he went to see The Dark Knight Rises. Bieber also hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this year, and there have been numerous reports that the singer wants to get into acting.

And while we suspect that Bieber's script photo is some type of joke, there's always the chance that Warner Bros. could see all those likes on Instagram and cast him...for real.

Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.