Lesnar Dominates Undertaker at Hell In A Cell

(Photo: WWE/Jim Viscardi)

The Man From Death Valley just took a detour into Suplex City, allowing for Brock Lesnar to pin the Undertaker once again at Hell In A Cell.

With the announce team hyping up Undertaker's 25th anniversary with the company, it seemed that the Deadman was going to leave the Staples Center victorious. Both of these men let out their most brutal sides in this match with Lesnar delivering both a series of suplexes and F5's and Undertaker retaliating with the Hell's Gate and a Tombstone.

Lesnar hit Taker with a low blow and a final F5 for the pinfall, cementing Lesnar's legacy as the man who could meet Taker's level of intensity and strength.

Though after Lesnar left the ring, this is where things took an interesting turn. The Wyatt Family made a surprise entrance and attacked the weakened Undertaker. A weary and drained Deadman was lifted outside of the ring and up the ramp by the Wyatts. Could this be where Bray finally takes Undertaker's powers? Is there a connection?

What did you think of the main even tonight? Does Lesnar's victory over Undertaker give him more prominence and possibly another shot at Rollin's title later on? Do you think this is really finished between Lesnar and Undertaker, or is there still one more match to be done? Let us know in the comments below.