Mad Max: Fury Road Black-And-White Version Could Get Theatrical Release


If, for some reason, you haven't experienced Mad Max: Fury Road on a big screen, there may still be a chance.

The film, which is already available on blu-ray and DVD, could see new life in theaters in greyscale form. George Miller told Screen Daily that a black and white version of Fury Road exists and may see a theatrical release in 2016.

Don't dismiss the idea, just yet. Mad Max: Fury Road has been cleaning up at global awards shows and Oscar season is right around the corner. With the nominees being named in January and buzz leading up to the presentation following, a January or February 2016 re-release of a black and white Mad Max: Fury Road doesn't sound unlikely.

As for a sequel (or two), director George Miller is already thinking ahead. “We ended up unconsciously creating two other [Mad Max] screenplays. A second trilogy could happen, if I’m willing to go back into the Wasteland," Miller says.