Malin Akerman Wants To Be In Another Superhero Movie, Explains Why She Loved Watchmen


Malin Akerman, star of multiple series and films such as Trophy Wife, Children's Hospital, and her upcoming film The Ticket, is still remembered fondly for her role as the Silk Spectre (II). During an appearance on Larry King Now, Larry asked her if she ever saw herself in another superhero role.

She responded "Absolutely, I would love to!"

When asked what she loved about the experience specifically, she had this to say.

The thing I loved about Watchmen was we were vigilantes, we didn't have superpowers, we were real people. I think what Alan Moore does beautifully is that, it was a very human experience, it was really intricate, and that is why it was so different.


Watchmen is indeed very different from most superhero films, and in fact a great deal of superhero comics. She continued about what was at the heart of the story.

Alot of people went in thinking it was going to be good vs evil, but it was more about, it was very existential and it was about good vs evil within you, and I loved all of the different storylines that ran through that movie.


I have to say I agree. A lot of people I talked to after viewing the movie had mixed reactions, and a wealth of that was going in with undue expectations. They were expecting to see another type of Iron Man or Dark Knight, and Watchmen just isn't in the same vein as those stories.

I for one would love to see her take on another hero role, and with so many great female characters in comics to choose from, that really shouldn't be too hard.