Man is Writing Songs for All 721 Pokemon

(Photo: Cody Egan)

A Pennsylvania man has made the news for writing over 100 ballads about Pokemon. Jacob Newman, a 24 year old songwriter from Bethesda, PA, is getting major publicity for his quest to write a song for all 721 Pokemon. Newman, who performs as Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm, began the project when he used his negative feelings about the Pokemon Bastiodon (a fourth generation Fossil Pokemon) as a metaphor for loving a deeply flawed person. From there, the project took on a life of its own. "Once I started this project it has become a little hard to write about things other than Pokémon," he told the Washingtonian in an interview. "It's kind of like King Midas's curse—every song I write becomes about a Pokémon."

To date, Newman has written over 100 songs about Pokemon, ranging from Kanto classics like Bulbasaur and Charmander to more obscure Pokemon like Alomomola and Shedinja. Some songs, like "552 Krokorok" are straightforward descriptions of the Pokemon, with lyrics like "I'm not just your standard crocodile. I got these two legs and I'm running away from you/I've got these shades too, They protect me from the storms." Others have more esoteric lyrics like "062 Abra" which say "I'm so sad that you ran away from me/Gone in a flash and all that I wanted to know is how the heck can you see/Anything with eyes like that?"

To check out Newman's full collection of songs, check out his Bandcamp page. His Tumblr about the project can be found here.


(via the Washingtonian)