Marc Andreyko To Take Over Batwoman With #25


Marc Andreyko, creator of the Kate Spencer Manhunter and one of comics's most respected gay creators, will take over as writer on Batwoman starting with issue #25 of the series, DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio announced today at Baltimore Comic-Con. "[Andreyko is] so excited about taking on this series--so much so that we're putting him on the book starting with issue #25," DiDio told an audience at DC's panel at the show. "Batwoman's going to become an integral part of Batman's universe, just the way we always wanted. She'll be starting with a Year Zero story arc and from there she'll be an important part as she always is." That's a bit of a change from the way Batwoman has been handled for most of the New 52--the title has been as stand-alone a book as DC has outside of titles like All-Star Western and Legion of Super-Heroes, both of which take place in a different time than the rest of the DCU. Many fans had speculated that the title would head in a more Batman Family-centric direction when it continued after losing its original creative team, since the way it had been done up to now has stuck out so much in the New 52. The image at right and above is actually a screen grab from my personal Facebook page in which we were discussing that possibility on Thursday morning.

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And, yes, a call for Andreyko to be hired for the gig. His previous work speaks for itself, and hiring someone with a history of writing strong homosexual characters in the DC Universe may help to defuse some of the controversy that's been generated by media outlets claiming the issue was DC's unwillingness to allow gays to marry. "Yes, it's true: i'm the new writer of Batwoman!" Andreyko posted to his Facebook page. "And, as I prepare for the interweb onslaught, a few things: I ADORE J.H Williams and Greg Rucka and Haden Blackman and the great character they've created so lovingly. I am taking this job very seriously and hope to do right by Kate, Maggie, Bette and the rest of the cast. This all happened very quickly, so I am trying to catch my breath and let it sink in. And I've already had great conversations with Mike Marts and can't wait to work with him again. I hope you will give my run a chance as I am going to give it my all and try to live up to the work those great creators did before me." Andreyko also has a history with Cameron Chase, a supporting character who has appeared consistently in the first two years of Batwoman who was a major player in his Manhunter run. The downside here is that Williams and Blackman had previously announced that they would leave the title after #26 in December. Being replaced with November's #25 may be seen as