Mario Kart Projected On An Ice Rink

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a pretty timeless game and seems to be an absolute blast regardless of what system you play it on.

Whether that happens to be on SNES and on a 22' TV screen, or via your Nintendo 64 and your pride and joy 55' Big Screen, complete with 4K, the game still holds up.

Still, I think this takes the crown. At a recent Hockey game at Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the staff used the downtime between periods to play the ultimate game of Mario Kart, using the entire hockey rink as their display (via SB Nation). They even put the pole position and accompanying graphics on the arena big screen.

This is cool for two reasons. One, if you didn't feel like buying another $8 dollar hot dog you had something to keep you entertained during the break. Two, if you happened to be the one working that day, how cool is it to say that you played a game of Mario Kart in front of thousands of people on a hockey rink? Either way, it's a win.


You can view the video, which was posted via Seth Rorabaugh's Twitter account, above. In the tweet, he said: "This place is like a big Dave and Busters. They're playing Mario Kar on the ice:" Now we just need to somehow get a League of Legends match displayed on the baseball diamond so that in the seventh inning stretch I have something to keep my attention.