Marvel Comics Teases A Major Change To Their Universe

Marvel Comics Teaser

Marvel Comics is teasing something, but just like with many of their teases, it's a big mystery as to what they are teasing. Marvel sent an image with the words "Is he...?" in the center. At the bottom of the image, the words "Be Vigilant" along with the date December 2013 and the Marvel logo appear.

In addition, Marvel sent the following teaser text in an email along with the image: "The Marvel Universe is on the brink of a major change. Find out more, September 18th!"

What could be the major change to the Marvel Universe? Could it have something to do with the Ultimate Universe? There are several possibilities. The teaser could be indicating something along the lines of "is he dead?" It could also be indicating something along the lines of "is Miles Morales (the ultimate Spider-Man) now part of the main Marvel Universe?"