Marvel Makes A Huge Change To Galactus


Galactus has just undergone a pretty serious change, thanks to Marvel's recent Secret Wars and its follow-up publishing initiative, "All-New, All-Different Marvel."

No, sorry to disappoint you all, this isn't about film rights.

Nevertheless, the devourer of worlds...well, Spoilers on.

In this week's Ultimates #2, the titular team responded to the multiverse-eradicating threat of Galactus by forcing him back into the chamber that first "birthed" him and made him what he was. They somehow changed the energy in the chamber using Spectrum's powers and, when Galactus re-emerged, he seems now to be on a mission not to feed on the energies of worlds but to restore dead worlds to life with that same energy.

It isn't clear whether he is now somehow self-sustaining or whether this will ultimately exhaust his energies.

It makes sense, to give the character some kind of semi-permanent closure or status quo change, given the consequences of his last few storylines, which have run roughshod over Marvel's multiverse. Even though The Ultimates is no longer a team of Avengers headquartered on the (now-destroyed) Ultimate universe, it's some kind of poetic justice that Galactus's story should draw to an (at least temporary) conclusion in that book, given the fact that he's responsible for the world's end.

You can find Ultimates #2 at your local comic shop or pick one up digitally.