Masters of the Universe to Go Ongoing at DC Comics in April


After a James Robinson-penned miniseries and a number of digital one-shots have hit the market to generally positive response, DC Comics announced today that they will launch a new, ongoing Masters of the Universe series by Keith Giffen and Pop Mhan. The series will launch in April, according to MTV Geek, and the first issue will feature covers by Ed Benes and Terry and Rachel Dodson. Here's MTV on the actual editorial content: "What can we expect from this first issue? How about the return of She-Ra, for starters? Only in this story, she's known as Despara -- one of the evil Hordak's most deadly weapons! Also -- somebody dies!" Hard to say if any death would actually carry much weight, of course; it's not as though Mattel is going to let DC kill one of their cash cows for the sake of a story. She-Ra's return had been speculated somewhat following the recent announcement of her character's digital origin story. "Readers unfamiliar with her history might be surprised to learn that she was a very different person before that transformation," Costa said at the time, "but the hero she would become is there, slumbering inside of her, and that's what our story is really about." It's probably a fair bet that origin--and the creepy visage that served as its cover--will play into the Despara story.