Mewtwo Tops Survey of Most Handsome Pokemon


Everyone has their favorite "cute" Pokemon, but a new Japanese survey has finally determined the handsomest Pokemon there ever was. The Japanese survey company Research Plus asked 500 Japanese men and women in March to rank who they thought was the most "handsome" Pokemon of all. The respondents were all in their twenties, which makes sense as their generation has grown up with the Pokemon franchise.

So which Pokemon topped the list? None other than Mewtwo, the fearsome man-made Pokemon who acts as a final boss of sorts in the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue games. Folks were probably impressed with Mewtwo's fearsome Psychic powers and his multiple Mega Evolutions. In second place was Lugia, the leader of the Legendary Birds and the mascot for Pokemon Silver and Pokemon SoulSilver. Rounding out the top three was Charizard, the final evolution of Charmander and one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise. I've never thought of an angry dragon as particularly handsome, but Charizard has probably been featured in the anime more than any other Pokemon besides Pikachu, so it makes sense that he would make the list.

Also included in the top ten were Lucario, Suicine, Ninetales and Machamp. Other Pokemon featured on the list were Zoroark, Absol and Gyrados. Probably the most surprising Pokemon to make the cut was Fearow, an angry Flying-type Pokemon that looks like the unholy union between a buzzard and a heron. Be sure to check out the full list and comment about how your favorite Pokemon didn't make the cut!


(via Anime News Network)