Michael Bay Drops Megan Fox From Transformers 3

It looks like all embattled, public feudy type things must come to an end. Reports are surfacing that Megan Fox has been dropped from the third installment of director Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. Deadline.com has reports indicating that the decision to release Fox from the third film came directly from Bay himself, and the two have had a very public feud over the working relationship they experienced over the first two films.

Deadline also reports that Fox's representative insists that the split was her doing, and that she didn't want to come back to the project. Bay has said that they are working on the script now, and that star Shia LaBeouf will be given a more "appropriate love interest for this story." The franchise, while being critically reviled as a whole, has earned hundred of millions of dollars worldwide. What impact Fox's departure will have on this next installment remains to be seen.