Michael Ontkean Will Be In New Twin Peaks Series According To Michael Horse

According to Michael Horse, actor Michael Ontkean and his character Sheriff Truman will return to Twin Peaks.

In an interview with website Altnerative Nation, the Twin Peaks actor said he had heard that Ontkead has already been brought onboard for the show's revival.

"I already heard they are [getting Michael Ontkean back], that's what I heard. But it's going to be really interesting," Horse told the website. "They're going to get some new characters, they're going to get some young girls, that's sort of the eye of these guys. But what happened to these characters 25 years later is going to be really interesting to the fans."

Ontkead currently resides in Hawaii, which the website noted as a potential factor in getting the actor back to reprise his role. When an official annoucement is made on Ontkead's casting, ComicBook.com will have the full update.


Twin Peaks' return comes to Showtime in 2016.