Mike Colter Says Luke Cage Is In A State Of Turmoil At Beginning Of His Series


Fresh off appearing in Jessica Jones, Mike Colter's Luke Cage isn't in the bast place at the start of his own series, according to the actor.

In a red carpet interview with Marvel Entertainment's YouTube page, Colter said that he's enjoyed getting a kind of "warm-up" for his series on Jessica Jones so that he can acclimate to the Marvel/Netflix TV universe.

"Luke Cage is completely different" from Jessica Jones, "as Daredevil is completely different," Colter says in the interview embedded below.

"Luke Cage is going to find Luke right after Jessica Jones, uptown," Colter said. "He's licking his wounds I would say and he's trying to figure out what is his next step and it's hard because he doesn't know where to go from here. He's lost a lot and he's basically in a state of turmoil."


Luke Cage is in production now for an expected 2016 release.