Multiversal March Madness: DC's Crime Syndicate Vs. Red Son Superman

The opening rounds of ComicBook.Com’s Multiversal March Madness continue! Though DC and Marvel [...]


The opening rounds of ComicBook.Com's Multiversal March Madness continue! Though DC and Marvel Comics are breaking the piggy bank on their endless realities with events Convergence and Secret Wars later this spring, the bracket fever from the NCAA March Madness has our minds stuck on the tournament style crossover event. 

Like we explained in our opening post (where you can vote on different battles), we're leaving to you to choose the winners in our own cross-company tournament. We're in throwing in a nifty secret prize for the players with a winning bracket. But enough chit-chat. It's time to get in the super-powered paint with the first round's combatants. 

Red Son Vs. The Crime Syndicate (Pre-Crisis Earth 3)

Stats: Instead of crash-landing on the sunny fields of Kansas, Superman's Kryptonian rocket ship descends into Soviet Russian during the height of the Cold War. Growing into the Communist's ultimate weapon, Soviet Superman rules this world with an iron, if somewhat compassionate, fist.

Strength: President Superman leads an entire army of Soviet soldiers and resources, giving him strength in numbers.

Weakness: Capitalism, or any ideal favoring the individual over the common collective. Unfortunately, the crime Syndicate are the multiverse's greediest lot.

The Crime Syndicate (Pre-Crisis Earth 3)

Stats: A mirror universe where the Justice League is repped by bunch of stone-cold thugs, and the Earth's only protector is Alexander Luthor. With Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman comprising this earth's nefarious trinity, bad is good, and good is as good as dead.

Strength: Complete disregard for life or civilian casualties. These guys will do whatever to whoever they want in order to further their goals.

Weakness: A general inability to work as a team, which leads to constant in-fighting. This could create several problems for the Syndicate, especially against Red Son Superman's unified and controlled army.

Will the Soviet Superman crush the rebellious League, or will Crime win the day? Decide in the poll below!