Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Heads to the Stage in Hollywood This April

Neverwhere poster from Sacred Fools in LA

A stage production of comics legend Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere will be coming to the Sacred Fools Stage in Hollywood for a six-week engagement beginning on April 5. The Sacred Fools engagement will be the West Coast debut of the show, which began its life as a BBC Television miniseries but has been adapted into a book and then, most recently, into a radio play by the BBC. The stage adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantastic tale features an unlikely hero's journey through London Below, the dark netherworld where fantastic creatures and forgotten humans live between the cracks of ordinary perception.  Critically acclaimed director Scott Leggett (Forbidden Zone: LIVE in the 6th Dimension, Serial Killers, Beaverquest) leads the hunting party on a journey into mystery in this West Coast premiere that features a sprawling original score from award-winning composer Ryan Johnson (Stoneface, WatsonForbidden Zone: LIVE in the 6th Dimension) and a cavalcade of action from award-winning fight choreographer Andrew Amani (Stoneface, Hearts Like Fists, Watson). Tickets are $25 at or by calling 310-281-8337.