New Flash/Arrow Crossover Featurette Teases Hawkgirl's Involvement

A new featurette for this week's The Flash and Arrow crossover event on the CW has been released and it focuses not only on Vandal Savage and the enormity of the crossover itself, but also teases Hawkgirl's importance in the super hero team up.

The Flash executive producer, Gabrielle Stanton, narrates the featurette, largely describing how important it is for the production team to go big with the crossover events and claiming to have "topped" themselves in comparison to last year. "They have to be bigger, more spectacular, than any other episode of the season," Stanton says.

"We have Cisco getting more romantically involved with Kendra," she goes on, "And he has a vibe and he sees this Hawk-woman and that will definitely play into the events of our crossover."

The Flash and Arrow crossover event begins tonight at 8 PM ET with The Flash's episode 208, Legends of Today, and concludes tomorrow, with Arrow episode 408, Legends of Yesterday, at 8 PM ET, both on CW.