New Snowpiercer Poster With Chris Evans Released

Snowpiercer poster

A new poster for Snowpiercer, starring Chris Evans, has been released online (via Vulture).

Snowpiercer is a South Korean film based on the French graphic novel La Transperceneige, by Jacques Lob and Benjamin Legrand. In Snowpiercer, in a future where a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet, a class system evolves aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine.

Evans' plays one of the unfortunate, dispossesed members of the Snowpiercer's backend cars. He will help lead a revolution that sees these lower class citizens fight to take the front of the train and control the engine.

Snowpiercer is directed by Bong Joon-Ho (The Host) in his English language debut. In addition to Evans, Snowpiercer also stars Song Kang-ho, Go Ah-sung, Jamie Bell, Ewen Bremner, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, and Ed Harris.


Snowpiercer will begin its limited run in the United State on June 27.