Outcast From Kirkman and Azaceta Will Debut At $2.99 For 40 Pages


Today at the Image Expo, Robert Kirkman announced that Skybound's next big series, Outcast, which will be written by Kirkman and drawn by Paul Azaceta, will debut with an oversized, 40-page issue for just $2.99. It's a model Kirkman adopted from Brian K. Vaughan's Saga, and one he wasn't keen on at first. "I criticized Brian K. Vaughan heavily when he told me the first issue of Saga would be 40 issues and $2.99," Kirkman said. "I tried to talk him out of it, and now I'm copying him." "I'm trying to make the book as creepy and cool and dark as possible, and really do some horror stuff with it," Azaceta said. "It's not quite like The Walking Dead." Kirkman joked, "It's exactly like The Walking Dead, please make sure you buy just as much as it as The Walking Dead." The series, which revolves around exorcism, will debut in June.