Pokemon: Surprise Zygarde Distribution Begins Today

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Company rolled out a surprise Legendary Pokemon distribution overnight, which will allow trainers to get a Level 100 Zygarde. Zygarde is available via the Mystery Gift function on their copies of Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The distribution quietly began in Europe and South America yesterday and was activated sometime last night for North American trainers. Currently, it appears trainers worldwide can grab the Zygarde...except those who live in Japan. (The Pokemon Company distributed this version of Zygarde to trainers last year.)

Since the Pokemon Company didn't announce the start of the Zygarde distribution, it's unclear what the occasion for the event is. However, it appears that it might be a promotion for the Pokemon anime as the Zygarde's original trainer is "XYZ" and it was originally met "in the Pokemon cartoon". Zygarde currently appears in the Pokemon anime in its Cell Forme and briefly traveled with Ash and his friends.


Zygarde, a Dragon/Ground type, comes with the moves Land's Wrath, Extreme Speed, Glare and Outrage. It's unknown how long the distribution will last, so hop onto your 3DS today and grab a copy!