Powerful Pokemon Go Bot Offers To Catch Them All For You

third party apps and offers players a nearly 100% automated Pokemon Go experience. The bot [...]

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(Photo: Insta-PokeGo)

A lot of the conversation in recent weeks around Pokemon Go has involved the use of bot users and GPS spoofers. Pokemon Go bots are programs that take control of a player's account and automates capturing Pokemon, visiting PokeStops, and slowly leveling up. While Pokemon Go developer Niantic Labs has battled back against these bot programs with a variety of different bans, the results have been mixed at best.

Recently, a new Pokemon Go bot has appeared on the scene, and it might be the most powerful bot yet. "Insta-PokeGo" combines features from a variety of other (and now defunct) third party apps and offers players a nearly 100% automated Pokemon Go experience. The bot program will not only catch Pokemon and visit PokeStops automatically, it also offers a GPS spoofing service that allows players to travel around the world to catch region-exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime.

Insta-PokeGo also comes with a map feature similar to PokeVision, to let players manually track Pokemon they haven't found yet. According to the bot's website, the game also comes with a feature that automatically tracks and captures Pokemon players haven't found yet.

According to the program's website, Insta-PokeGo was created by a team of former Dropbox employees. Although the program launched just two days ago, Insta-PokeGo developer Stephen Bartel claimed that over 4,000 players have used the bot service so far. Bartel stated on his Facebook page that the bot has captured 90,000 Pokemon and collected over 50 million XP in just two days of operation.

As with any bot program, there's a very good chance Insta-PokeGo won't be up for very long. In an interview with VentureBeat, Bartel acknowledged that Niantic could come after the program soon. "Niantic hasn't taken action yet," Bartel said. "But they probably will soon, as they've just now started to take a stronger stance against botting."

Niantic has allegedly banned thousands of accounts that showed signs of cheating, but Insta-PokeGo claimed on their webpage that the Pokemon Go developer hasn't banned anyone that used their program yet. That's likely to change soon, especially as Insta-PokeGo has experienced a major publicity boost in recent days.

As with any bot program, players should use Insta-PokeGo program at their own risk. If you do decide to use the program, it's highly recommended that you set up a new Pokemon Go account, as there's a very good chance Niantic will be going after the program soon.