Preview: More New 52, Issue 8 Covers From DC Comics

DC Comics has been out of their office all week and uploading their blog only once or so a day--still, they've managed to get a handful of previews of April's #8 issues out onto the Web. While we provided early looks at the Superman #8 cover by Ivan Reis and the Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. cover by Alberto Ponticelli, it's been a few days since updated readers. Since then, DC has posted an additional four covers, shown below. As ever, click on the images for a larger version. Captain Atom #8, with a cover by Mike Choi, is the most Watchmen-tastic Captain Atom cover yet, with the title character looking more like Dr. Manhattan than any version of himself we've ever seen. Deathstroke #8, with a cover by Jason Fabok, drives home the point that this iteration of the Terminator is more or less just that result of people at DC Comics playing with far too many G.I. Joes when they were kids. Like all those 3", rubber-band-spined heroes of yore, this character is carrying a weapon far too large for his body, with a handle so skinny that it seems unlikely it could support the weight of the blade attached. Mr. Terrific #8 comes with a cover by J.G. Jones, the rumored artist of the reportedly-upcoming Comedian miniseries for Watchmen 2/Panic Room. The image itself is quite nice but, like many of his covers, the content between the pages seems to have little bearing on what's depicted. The Savage Hawkman #8 features a Philip Tan cover that sees Hawkman squaring off against some kind of flying lizard woman. [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]