Preview the Fifth Issue of Monkeybrain's Eisner-Nominated Bandette Here


With the Eisner Awards on the horizon, Monkeybrain Comics brings fans their first look at today's release of Bandette #5, the publisher's critically-beloved and Eisner-nominated series from Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. Check out the pages and solicitation text below!


$.99 – Ages 15+

Paul Tobin, Writer

Colleen Coover, Artist


Bandette has so far been able to thwart the attempts on her life by FINIS, but Absinthe, the evil organization's leader, is more determined than ever to bring her career to a very permanent end. So annoying! Luckily, our beloved burglar plans to turn the tables on the Nabob of Nastiness! Who will she enlist to help bedevil the crime boss? What benefit will her mischief bring Inspector B.D. Belgique? Will Absinthe forgive Matadori's failure to eliminate our brave heroine? And what new horror does Absinthe unleash in order to ensure Bandette's demise?

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