First Look at Reboot of '90s Cartoon ReBoot

ReBoot is coming back to television, but with a twist. YTV unveiled a first look at their rebooted [...]


ReBoot is coming back to television, but with a twist. YTV unveiled a first look at their rebooted version of the cartoon, which originally aired from 1994 from 2001. The original ReBoot was the first television cartoon to be produced entirely with computer animation, which makes the image below a bit jarring to fans of the classic cartoon.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: ReBoot is now a live action show.

The new ReBoot is called ReBoot: The Guardian Code and has been in planning for nearly four years. After Rainmaker Animation (the current rightsholders to ReBoot) failed to get a planned movie trilogy off the ground, they announced plans for a new series. YTV ordered a 26 episode run back in 2015, but there's been little news about the project since. Allegedly, the project has been filming since February 2017, which means that we could get full episodes later this year.

No actors or a showrunner have officially been announced for the project.

It's unclear how the new live-action ReBoot will tie into the original series, which was set inside a personal computer. In the original series, CG sprites and other characters inhabited a city named Mainframe, which was occasionally disrupted by the User (the owner of the computer) playing a game, causing entire city blocks to transform into a game's world.. Characters caught inside the game would have to work together in order to beat the User or face total annihilation.

According to Rainmaker's website, ReBoot: The Guardian Code will feature "an all-new ReBoot universe that will provide a ground-breaking, multi-platform experience for the next generation of ReBoot fans." That certainly makes it sound like the new show will be a spiritual sequel rather than have any ties to the original show.

The original series also had an interesting tie to the comics world. DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio worked on the original ReBoot as a story editor and even wrote the third season episode "Firewall."