Report Of Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men Movie Has Been Retracted

Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men Movie

On Friday, referenced a report on Motley Fool, which indicated that Twenty-First Century Fox was developing a Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men movie. In their initial report, Motley Fool reported that the film would be based on the 1987 four issue mini-series called Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men. We noted in our report that while Fox creative consultant Mark Millar had indicated Fantastic Four and X-Men existed in the same universe, he had previously denied reports of a crossover. On Twitter, Millar wrote, “I keep seeing ‘news’ that X-Men & FF movies are crossing over. No, they’re not. They exist in same universe but movies stand alone.”

Over the weekend, Motley Fool's report went viral with several news organizations picking up on the report for the first time today. However, Motley Fool has now retracted their initial report. In an update on the initial article, Motley Fool notes, "A previous version of this article inaccurately reported a planned film release that combined both X-Men and Fantastic Four. The Fool regrets the error." Instead, The Fool now reports, "After multiple movies in their respective franchises, Fox may decide to combine the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for an "Avengers"-style movie that could pay off huge for shareholders."

So it appears as if reports of a Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men movie were a little premature. This isn't to say that someday there won't be a Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men film, but it's likely that Fox will want to get the Fantastic Four rebooted successfully in the summer of 2015 before making those plans.