Resurrection Man Cancelled by DC Comics

Mitch Shelley is an incredibly resilient dude--something fans can see in's exclusive [...]

Mitch Shelley is an incredibly resilient dude--something fans can see in's exclusive preview of Resurrection Man #10, out on Wednesday--but the one foe he's had trouble defeating more than once is the swift and terrible ax of the DC editorial department. In today's solicitations for DC Comics' The Dark family of books, the company announced that Resurrection Man #0, which sees the character discover the meaning of life, will be the final issue for the series. Like the previously-cancelled Captain Atom, it's a book that deals in death and resurrection as a theme, and so ending the title at a time when all of DC's books are going back in time to explore the titles' roots doesn't seem all that hard to manage. Resurrection Man is written by star writing duo Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, whose new Boom! Studios title The Hypernaturals is getting strong preorders. The artist, Jesus Saiz, has been a favorite of DC's, but usually assigned to books that underperform; he did time on books like Manhunter and Birds of Prey before landing at Resurrection Man as part of a creative shuffle that also saw artists leave Animal Man and Suicide Squad. Abnett and Lanning also wrote the first volume of Resurrection Man, which ran from 1997 to 1999 before being cancelled; the character largely disappeared from the DC Universe after that and never played a major role again until the New 52. Resurrection Man joins Justice League International and Captain Atom as two of at least four titles cancelled to make way for an announced third wave of DC books. While only four new titles were announced and it's widely believed that DC will keep their line at 52 monthly ongoing superhero titles, it's been suggested that Justice League International may return in some form. The title's annual, which ships after its final issue, will be co-written by DC Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and its Co-Publisher Dan DiDio.