Rob Zombie's 31 Finally Gets A R-Rating, First Poster Released


After three tries, Rob Zombie received an 'R' rating from the MPAA for his upcoming horror film 31, and to celebrate he has unveiled an official poster.

Zombie had received 'NC-17' ratings the first time he submit 31 to the MPAA because of "sadistic graphic violence, bizarre sexuality/nudity, pervasive disturbing images, and some strong language." This time he made the necessary cuts to bring into a more ideal rating, 'R,' which will allow the film to be shown in more theaters than if it had decided movie forward with the 'NC-17.'

On the bright side, it took Rob Zombie's 2005 horror film The Devil's Rejects eight tries before the MPAA agreed to reduce their original 'NC-17' rating down to an 'R.'

31 will feature five carnival workers who must survive a deadly facility called "Murder World" while pursued by a gang of evil clowns. Zombie got the idea for the movie after attending a frightfest and seeing employees walk around dressed as chainsaw-wielding clowns. Zombie partially funded the filming of 31 via two crowdfunding campaigns.

Check out the poster below.


31 will be released in 2016.