Robot Chicken Spoofs The CW's Arrow & The Flash


Robot Chicken recently made its Season 8 debut on Adult Swim and kicked things off with a hilarious sketch that will have fans of The CW's Arrow and The Flash howling with laughter.

The Nerd (voiced by Seth Green) has a propensity for daydreaming and in this sketch he finds himself dropping by many of The CW's television series. First stop is Arrow, where The Nerd appears as Oliver Queen's costumed sidekick, Arsenal. The Nerd has trouble adhering to Arrow's Season 2 and 3 policy of not killing anyone. Then he travels to Beauty and the Beast, where he's the Beast. Though, in this version being the Beast isn't an ugly proposition. He's then whisked away to Central City, where he is The Flash. He's got the super-speed down pat, but figuring out where to go proves to be a challenge. The sketch finishes with visits to America’s Next Top Model and Jane the Virgin.

Check it out in the video below.


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