Scott Snyder: No, We Did Not Kill [Spoiler] in Batman #43

As we have already discussed, this week's issue of Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is a mind-bending installment of the series in a number of ways.

There are surprising revelations about Gordon, about Bruce Wayne, about Batman. There's a particularly illuminating and surprising sequence that takes place between Alfred Pennyworth and Superman.

And then, on the final page, it appears as though a major character dies.

Spoiler space for anyone who might not want to know.




If the final few panels of the issue are to be believed, veteran Batman villain and Gotham standout Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot is dead at the hands of the newly-introduced Mr. Bloom.

When we spoke with series writer Scott Snyder recently, we asked him about this: is this really the end for one of Batman's longest-lasting and most prolific and popular villains?

...Well, no.

"No! I can spoil that for you right now. I would never kill Oswald without a bigger hoopla than that," Snyder said with a laugh. "I totally understand [your misunderstanding], and Greg actuallly went a little more vicious with that scene than I intended. I love him for it, and I love the scene, but it's more intended to show Bloom. It's not meant to be the cliffhanger of Oswald is dead. It's more that it's supposed to be that this is a threat to be reckoned with. I thought of that when I saw it, and I don't want people to be totally misled by it."

You can get a copy of Batman #43 and see for yourself at your local comic shop or buy one on ComiXology here.