Sex & Violence Volume 2 Kickstarter Adds Amanda Conner Sketch, Chance to Have Your Art Appear in the Book

Earlier this month, Paperfilms launched their latest Kickstarter campaign around Sex & [...]

Earlier this month, Paperfilms launched their latest Kickstarter campaign around Sex & Violence Volume 2, a follow-up to the popular original graphic novel by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Amanda Conner and more.

Today, they announced a stretch goal: If the campaign generates $40,000 before it wraps on September 23 (it's currently sitting at $32,000), they'll add pages to the book and fill them with content provided by backers. At $45,000, they'll include a sketch print from Conner in every print rewards package.

Here's the official description:

$40 THOUSAND STRETCH GOAL: If we hit 40 grand, and we still have 19 days to do it, we figured we would make this interesting and add content for everyone to enjoy. This stretch goal will be an interactive one. We will be taking submissions of illustrations and photos that stick with the theme of the book. We are talking both Sex and Violence on the Illustration side, and on the Photography side we are looking at a sexy theme, no nudity, but total tease and stylized themes.

To be clear, we aren't looking for slasher porn, gore or just violence to be violence, really be creative but keep in mind how we try to approach our stories, clever and titillating (total pun intended). What we will be doing is posting every single entry on the Paperfilms site every few days as they come in and then we will pick 5 winners in each category (5 in the Illustration category and 5 in the Photography category), announce them and they will be featured in the print book and the digital version of Sex & Violence: Vol. 2. For the 5 winners in each category, we will credit each artist, photographer and model and give them three (3) copies of the book as well, autographed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (in addition to their regular pledge!).

We will only be taking submissions from the people that have backed this Kickstarter. In the end, we get other peoples work out there, have some fun and add some content to the book. Note there will be a deadline associated with this so we have time to post, review and get the final images included for the print copy. No use of copyrighted characters is permitted. Further details will be communicated once we achieve the stretch goal.

$45 THOUSAND GOAL: Every single non-digital pledge will get an exclusive sketch print by Amanda Conner. This will be a piece she does exclusively for the Kickstarter. For the digital pledges, we have something special lined up for you as well. More about that later.