Shailene Woodley Is Still Game To Play Mary Jane In Spider-Man Reboot


In October of 2012, director Marc Webb cast Shailene Woodley to play Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. When cameras started to roll in February of 2013, set photos and videos emerged showing the Divergent actress with MJ's iconic red hair, but four months later Webb announced that all of her scenes - which weren't too many - had been cut. Webb says he made the decision based on streamlining the story so that it focused on Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen (Emma Stone).

During a recent Insurgent press event, Clevver Movies asked Shailene if she would still be interested in playing Mary Jane Watson now that Spider-Man is being rebooted and joining the Marvel cinematic universe. "Oh, yeah," she replied. "I didn't know that actually. That's amazing." When they repeated the news of Spidey being rebooted, Shailene exclaimed, "Heck yeah!"

I'm glad her past experience didn't destroy her enthusiasm for playing the character, but recent reports claim that Marvel and Sony are looking to cast a teenager to play the next Spider-Man. That would probably mean the 23-year-old actress is a bit too old to play his love interest. But then again, Garfield was almost a decade older than Shailene and not too many people complained about that. It would seem a bit sexist to completely rule her out based on her being older than her potential male lead.

You can listen to Shailene's response in the video below.


Next Spider-Man film will arrive July 28, 2017. Rumor has it that Drew Goddard ("Cabin In The Woods") will direct and it will be titled The Spectacular Spider-Man.