Shane Black Directing Predator Reboot For Fox

Shane Black is helming a reboot of the '80s sci-fi/action film series Predator at 20th Century Fox, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Black, who will also write the treatment for the new Predator, is known for creating the Lethal Weapon series, writing and directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and directing Iron Man 3. Black's college buddy Fred Dekker (Monster Squad) will write the script. Original Predator producer John Davis is returning in the same role for the reboot.

The original 1987 Predator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura as soldiers being hunted through the jungle by a vicious alien. The film was directed by John McTiernan and was instrumental in launching Schwarzenegger's career.

Black was actually approached by Fox to rewrite the original Predator script, but he turned it down repeatedly. He was eventually brought to the film's set to film a minor role in the movie.

Black is also currently developing a film adaptation of Doc Savage and is eyeing Chris Hemsworth for the lead role.