Spider-Man And Barack Obama Comic Book Goes To Fourth Printing


While Barack Obama might be warning America that the economy could get worse before it gets better, there is one place where the new President is having instant success. As far as comic book sales go, President Barack Obama has the touch of gold. President Barack Obama's appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #583 has become the hottest comic book since Superman died. The initial release resulted in long lines at comic book stores and was an instant sell-out. Marvel Comics immediately announced a second printing, which hit comic book stores on Wednesday, January 21. The second printing also proved to be an instant sell-out. A third printing of Amazing Spider-Man #583 is schedule to arrive in comic book stores on Wednesday, January 28. The third printing has already sold-out at the distribution level, so Marvel has announced that they will be doing a fourth printing. The Amazing Spider-Man #583 fourth printing variant will be released in comic book stores on Wednesday, February 4. The fourth printing cover will feature a new background along with the same iconic images of Spider-Man and new United States President Barack Obama. The cover image is set to debut on Marvel.com on Friday, January 23. The Amazing Spider-Man #583 is written by Mark Waid and Zeb Wells with pencils by Barry Kitson and Todd Nauck. The cover is by Phil Jimenez.