Spider-Man Is Infested

Spider-Man Infested

Marvel Comics has announced Infested, which is an all new series of short stories beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #659. Infested is the lead-in to Spider Island, which Marvel is hyping as the biggest Spider-Man event of the year. The Infested stories will feature artwork by such superstar artists as Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett and Emma Rios. Infested is written by Dan Slott. “Infested is giving readers the first adumbrations of a threat that’s been slowly creeping toward Spidey’s life for decades,” said Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker. “Dan along with some guest artists set the readers on a dangerous course that leads right to Amazing Spider-Man #666…and beyond.”

According to a teaser from Marvel Comics, "Spider-Man has gone toe-to-toe with the biggest and baddest villains of the Marvel Universe, but nothing can prepare him for what he’ll be up against next! So pack your bags and get ready to jump on the road to the biggest Spider-Man event of the year starting with Infested, only in Amazing Spider-Man #659!"