Spider-Man Trailer Done In Deadpool Style

Spider-Man and Deadpool are two of the Marvel Universe’s biggest jokesters, both of whom are extremely capable of anchoring comedic adventures.

Naturally, this commonality creates the perfect fodder for a Spider-Man/Deadpool movie trailer crossover. And thanks to YouTube user The Unusual Suspect, a trailer for Sam Raimis Spider-Man now comes in a decidely stronger Deadpool flavor. From the DMX soundtrack, to the comic book sound effects, to the humorous title cards, 20th Century Fox’s recent Deadpool trailer gives the classic Spider-Man trilogy a humorous coat of paint. We’re not sure if the type of Spider-Man movie teased here would have attracted a wide audience back in 2002, but it certainly has fun with Spider-Man’s lighter side.

Oh, and you can bet that dancing Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3 makes an appearance.

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Deadpool hits theaters on February 13, 2016.