Spoilers! Peter Capaldi & Steve Moffat On Jenna Coleman's Final Doctor Who Scene


Peter Capaldi and Executive Producer Steven Moffat reflect on Jenna Coleman's final Doctor Who scene.

"We were very careful to setup Clara's death, in that, you couldn't really say who is responsible for that," Moffat says in the "Death and Consequences" featurette. "Ultimately, he holds the people who set the trap for him on Trap Street responsible. But even they weren't out to kill Clara at all. They weren't out to kill anyone. It's a tragedy. It's Clara getting too involved in the problem. She put herself in the line of fire. The bullet was never intended for her."

"I think because she thinks it is a way of solving the problem, and she thinks she'll get out of it, or I'll help her get out of it, there will be a way to fix it," Capaldi says of Clara transferring Rigsy's (Joivan Wade) countdown tattoo to herself in "Why does Clara face the raven?" featurette. "And I didn't see her actually die before. I thought she would be... She would have a life ... she'd be able to return to Doctor Who in some form or another."


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