Stan Lee Comments on Iceman's Sexuality

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

While on BBC Radio supporting the release of a new graphic novel autobiography, Stan "The man" Lee got a curious question about a character he created over fifty years ago, and hasn't written since 1966. The reporter asked him about Iceman of the X-Men's recent revelation that he's gay, asking specifically about the story.

After a bit of a chuckle, Lee answered, simply, "I wasn't involved in that. It may have been after I stopped writing the books." Yes, Stan, it was, about 49 years after. "I didn't really have any gay characters, or if they were gay, I didn't play up the fact."

After explaining that he wasn't aware of the storyline, asking bluntly, "Is Iceman really gay?" the reporter seemed to recognize her error. He noted that he doesn't read the comics anymore because his "eyesight isn't very good." Ultimately, though, Lee says it's inconsequential.

"I don't care what happens, as long as they tell good stories," he said, "and they do."