Stan Lee's Comikaze: Health Scare Is "Nonsense"

Following a weekend of furious blog posts by those in the entertainment press, who learned from The Toledo Blade and Wizard World Ohio that Stan Lee had withdrawn from a pair of appearances in the Buckeye State due to "a very serious circumstance," Lee's Comikaze Expo Facebook page poo-pooed concerns over the comics legend's health last night, calling the story nonsense.

"It sucks Stan had to cancel," wrote the site's administrator, "but you know the man doesn't just do conventions. He puts in a hard day's work creating. It's really sad that the Toledo Blade had to go spread nonsense. If you want to be up-to-date on Stan then follow us, 'cuz he kinda owns our company. It's sad that some blogs are scaring fans. not really nice.

"PS, we had a milkshake with him on saturday. That should tell you it all there!"

While obviously not a denial of any "very serious circumstance, including the health problems that many bloggers has speculated about or feared, the post certainly seems to imply that the comics community may have got all worked up over nothing this weekend.

If any updates come along today, we'll post them here.