Star Vs The Forces of Evil Gets Early Season 3 Pick-Up on Disney XD


Disney XD previously gave an early season 3 pick-up to Star Wars Rebels, and now they've done the same with a freshman series from 2015. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil from Daron Nefcy, featuring a new take on the anime-esque magical girl trope (and tons of awesome action and laughs) has only had one season air so far, but got an early season 3 pick-up ahead of the second season airing. Disney announced the pick-up as part of the Kids Upfronts, with a week's worth of news.

Disney is adding two more new series to their line-up, too, with Billy Dilley from SpongeBob's Aaron Springer and Country Club from Chris and Shane Houghton. Those two shows will premiere in 2017 and 2018, respectively.


These announcements come after Disney XD earlier this week announced that Big Hero 6 would come to the channel with a series serving as a sequel to the big screen adventures. These shows join a strong kids adventure line-up that includes multiple Marvel Comics based shows, Penn Zero: Part-time Hero, set to return for a second season, and the aforementioned Star Wars Rebels, plus a LEGO Star Wars series debuting this summer.