Star Wars Episode VII Working Title Rumored As Rise Of The Jedi Or Return Of The Sith

Star Wars Episode VII

While there have been rumors that official announcements for Star Wars Episode VII are imminent, Disney has been as silent as ever over the last several days in regards to the highly anticipated next Star Wars movie. However, Latino Review has once again dropped another Star Wars scoop, and this time it revolves around possible working titles for Star Wars Episode VII. While these working titles should be considered rumors for now, Latino Review has pretty much been on target with all their recent Star Wars scoops.

According to the site, George Lucas had two working titles for Star Wars Episode VII, before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney. The two working titles were Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi. Like everything else related to Star Wars, the two working titles were turned over to Disney as part of their acquisition of Lucasfilm.

However, there is of course no guarantee that Disney will actually use one of these two working titles as the official titles. And even if they were planning to use them, they might very well change their minds now that they have been revealed in advance of any official announcement.

Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled to arrive in movie theaters in 2015.