Stephen Colbert Pushes Theory That Pope Francis Is Batman

Stephen Colbert Batpope

With excitement over the Batman Vs. Superman movie and the heartwarming story of Batkid, Batman continues to be a mainstay in the news. On Tuesday night’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert offered up his own humorous Batman theory.

There have been recent news report that Pope Francis has been secretly sneaking out at night to help the homeless. Of course, someone sneaking out at night can only mean one thing. Yes, Colbert offers up the theory that Pope Francis is secretly the BatPope.

“He’s just like Bruce Wayne. He’s a wealthy bachelor who lives alone in a giant mansion. And Bruce Wayne has the Batmoblie, while Francis has the Popemobile,” said Colbert. “Not only that, Batman talks to Morgan Freeman, and the Pope talks to God, who is also Morgan Freeman.”

Check out the full video of The Colbert Report comedy segment below

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