Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising Comic Con Exclusives Revealed

Indie comics icon Terry Moore took to his blog yesterday to share with readers the exclusives [...]

Indie comics icon Terry Moore took to his blog yesterday to share with readers the exclusives he'll be bringing to Comic Con International: San Diego later this month -- including Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising merch, and a print that recommended to him during our last commentary track interview.

Check them out below, along with commentary by Moore.

Comic Con International takes place July 23-27, 2014.

SipKids FinalCover

The big surprise for 2014 is the new comic, SIP KIDS! This is a full-color, 24 page All Ages comic featuring the entire cast of Strangers In Paradise… as six year olds. Oh, the drama! You haven't seen pathos until you've seen Freddie and Katchoo play soccer. This book is funny!, yet still manages to capture the dynamics of the group and reveal the seeds of who they will grow up to become (and for that, you must read the 2400 page SIP series). This book makes me laugh, it makes colorist Steve Hamaker laugh, and the sneak preview pages on the web make readers laugh, so I think we have a winner here, folks. The book hits store shelves in August, but you can get an advance, signed copy at my SDCC booth!

***Heather layout w: logo on front

The 2014 SIP KIDS T shirt. Okay, this is a mock-up, but you get the idea. Our 3 favorite kids in the whole world (besides your own, of course) recreate the iconic It's A Good Life pose from their older counterparts to commemorate the release of their own comic book. Shirt will be Heather Gray, with simple black line art. Sort of retro looking, I love the classic feel. Made by Graphitti Designs in S, M, L, XL, XXL. After the con, you may buy from either of us online.


2014 RR Print

The 2014 Rachel Rising print.


This 11 X 17 monster reproduces the splash page from issue 26 illustrating the History Of Jack. Jack is the knife, of course, which once belonged to Lucifer and fell to earth with him. Since then, the blade has had quite an impact on human history before falling into the hands of our beloved 10-year old serial killer, Zoe. In issue 26, Rachel holds Jack and feels his entire history course through her veins. This powerful moment is captured in this one page. Fan response was so wonderful, I decided to make this the official print for 2014 SDCC. Price is $10, and it will be available in my web store after the con.

2014RR Shirt

The 2014 Rachel Rising T-shirt. This beauty embraces the Zoeness of life, with the cover image to issue 20 against a navy blue background. Made through our good friendsGraphitti Designs, these shirts are extremely durable Beefy-T's and will last for hundreds of years. Okay, that last part was a guess on my part, but I'm still wearing my Graphitti made SIP shirts and they are 20 years old, and looking good! Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL. $18 each. You can buy at the show from me and my Abstract Studio booth, or directly from Graphitti Design. Their booth is across the aisle from us. After the show, you may purchase from either of our web stores and we would both be delighted.


The 2014 Sketchbook, of course, with the sexy pic of a certain young wife helping her husband off to work. This guy is 24 pages of beautiful sketches for just $10. If you can't make it to the con, this will be made available in my webstore after the show.