Suicide Squad: Six Villains We Want To See In A Sequel


If we were betting fans, we'd wager that not every villain in Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad will exit the film alive. After all, the name suggest a high mortality rate. And that means there will be plenty of open spots on the roster for potential sequels. To help DC prepare for a possible follow-up, here are the villains that could make viewers go "Harley Who?"

King Shark

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.54.25 PM
The monstrous King Shark is a staple member of the Suicide Squad and provides even more brute strength than any current member of the movie team. He has a savage and unpredictable nature and isn’t opposed to eating his teammates during missions. King Shark is rumored to have a cameo appearance in the upcoming film, and he’d make a perfect replacement for Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s Killer Croc character.

Bronze Tiger


Bronze Tiger is a martial art specialist and has often played a leadership role on the Suicide Squad, usually acting as the enforcer for Amanda Waller’s rules. However, the Bronze Tiger is a deeply noble and idealistic character, and would often disobey orders to save his teammates. Bronze Tiger has a deep history with the S he has also has a history with the League of Assassins, which could act as possible antagonist for a future film. In a team filled with psychopaths and mercenaries, the Bronze Tiger would be a perfect fit for the next movie iteration of the Suicide Squad.


Plastique is an interesting DC character, who has a history of both being a villain and a hero. While she started off as a terrorist fighting to liberate Quebec from the rest of Canada, she eventually became the primary love interest of Captain Atom and eventually married him in the comics. Plastique’s ability to generate explosions at will would be a great excuse to fill a future Suicide Squad sequel with lots of pyrotechnics. Plastique is one of the few villains to not only survive the Suicide Squad, but also earn a pardon from her time on the team, and her redemptive story would probably translate well on the big screen.

Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo is a longtime Green Arrow villain with the ability to induce nausea and other vertigo-like symptoms on his foes. While a live action version of Count Vertigo has already appeared in Arrow, that show reimagined the character as a psychopathic drug dealer. Bringing Vertigo into the next Suicide Squad movie would not only add another classic squad member to the team, it would also give the WB a villain to use should they decide to make a live action Green Arrow or Black Canary film.


Earth 3 Superwoman
An evil, superpowered version of Lois Lane from an alternate universe, Superwoman would be an intriguing and unexpected addition to the Suicide Squad. While Superwoman has never been a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics, I think she’d make a perfect addition for the film who’d have a major impact on the DC cinematic universe. In the comics, Superwoman is a member of the evil Crime Syndicate of America, a popular group of Justice League villains that briefly took over the world in the 2013 comic event Forever Evil. Her appearance in a Suicide Squad sequel would be a great way to introduce viewers to the Crime Syndicate and the concept of the DC multiverse. Also, Superwoman would be a perfect, non-conventional role for Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to pay money to see Amy Adams, one of Hollywood’s best actresses, play an evil, superpowered character for two hours?



Deathstroke is one of DC’s most popular villains, with mainstream popularity due to his appearances on Arrow and the Teen Titans animated series. While Deathstroke has occasionally assisted the Suicide Squad in the comics, I think he’d be the perfect antagonist to oppose the Suicide Squad film in the future film. Deathstroke would be a very real and very dangerous threat to the Suicide Squad, considering he could probably kill the entire roster in minutes in a fair fight.
What villains would you like to appear in a potential Suicide Squad sequel? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!