Super Mario RPG Coming To Wii U

Super Mario RPG
(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo of Europe has announced that Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars will arrive as a Wii U Virtual Console download in European Nintendo eShop this week.

This will be Super Mario RPG’s second Virtual Console release, having come to the Wii Virtual Console in 2008.

The 1996 game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a collaboration between Nintendo and RPG powerhouse Square. A unique game in thefranchise, Super Mario RPG took classic Super Mario Bros. characters, introduced some new ones, and placed them all together on a traditional JRPG adventure, complete with turn-based combat.

Square never participated in an official sequel, but Nintendo created two series that serve as spiritual successors to the Super Nintendo original – Paper Mario on consoles and Mario & Luigi on handhelds.

There’s still no official word from Nintendo of America on whether the game will be arriving for the Wii U stateside.


Super Mario RPG will arrive as an early Christmas present in Europe, launching Dec. 24 for €7.99.

via Eurogamer