The Avengers 2: Could [Spoiler] Be The Beginning of a Shared Marvel Universe?

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For quite a while now, and other sites have been reporting on rumors that 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures want to craft a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe, wherein all of their disparate films can coexist with one another and ultimately be understood by fans to take place in the same world, even if legalities prevent the studios from sharing characters. Of course, not all characters have that problem. In an interview embedded below and filmed last year at the international premiere for Marvel's The Avengers, Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige told Hey U Guys that a complication with the rights to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch means that either Disney or Fox (or both, one assumes) could use those characters. While technically mutants, they've been an integral part of the Avengers universe since their creation. Disney owns the rights to The Avengers, while Fox (through their X-Men deal) can use all of Marvel's "mutant" characters. Now that Joss Whedon has made some comments that many take to be a hint that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could appear in Marvel's The Avengers 2, we've got to ask: Could that be related to the "big announcement" that Fox has been teasing for months? It's been widely believed that the two studios were maintaining a respectable distance from the characters, lest the first to write them in be perceived as encroaching on the other studio's territory. What if, instead, the studios in question were to get together, find a mutuall-agreeable pair to cast in the roles, sign them for an even number of movies that can be split down the middle and cast them in both the X-Men and Avengers family of films. It's difficult to say exactly how plausible such an action is; things like that always sound much easier at face value than they turn out to be when profits come into play. Still, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer DID have a number of open spaces on his casting well the last thing we knew. While little light has been shed thus far on the relationship between Disney and Fox, it's pretty clear that forging such a union could be the last key to establishing all of the Marvel superhero movies take place in the same world, regardless of their distributor. An Iron Man 3 video game recently featured the Oscorp logo from The Amazing Spider-Man, and even before all of this the Oscorp Tower nearly made its way into The Avengers before deadline pressure for the effects people ended up hampering the plan. In all likelihood, now that the tower has an established look it will be added to the next Avengers film's New York skyline.