The Avengers Super Bowl Commercial Full Review

For comic book fans, the biggest moment of Super Bowl XLVI was the airing of the new commercial [...]

Avengers commercial Black Widow

For comic book fans, the biggest moment of Super Bowl XLVI was the airing of the new commercial for The Avengers movie. In the week before the big game, The Avengers commercial was hyped in both a Twitter chat and a YouTube sneak preview. Did The Avengers Super Bowl commercial live up to the hype? Here's the review of the new Avengers movie trailer commercial. Just like the first trailer, the Avengers Super Bowl commercial features lots of explosions. Some have compared it to a Transformers movie with cars flipping over and buildings crumbling. The action sequences are well done and the special effects are on par with any big budget blockbuster movie. Having your action sequences compared to Transformers is a good thing considering that the last Transformers movie has Academy Award nominations for Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects.

Avengers commercial aliens attack

But more than the action sequences, it's really the characters and the actors that play them that are the heart of the Avengers movie. The Avengers has been expertly cast with actors that can make you laugh in a superhero movie without coming across as campy. The Avengers movie commercial does a good job of highlighting the stars, which Disney knows will help sell the movie to those in the general public who might not be comic book readers. The Avengers movie commercial does what every good movie commercial should and leaves me dying to see the movie and find out more. We get to see glimpses of what appears to be aliens attacking, but no official reveal of who the aliens are. We get to see the Hulk roar into the camera, but are still left wondering if he will be an uncontrollable rage monster or if he will fight alongside The Avengers.

Avengers commercial Hulk

Many of these questions will be hours of fun and speculation for fans over the next several months. With the final answers only coming at that long-awaited moment when The Avengers premieres in movie theaters. For the record, The Avenger movie is scheduled to open in theaters in the United States on May 4, 2012.