The Big Bang Theory Recap with Spoilers – The Meemaw Materialization

The episode opens with Sheldon explaining about how the apartment building’s mailboxes have a [...]


The episode opens with Sheldon explaining about how the apartment building's mailboxes have a different criminal jurisdiction than the rest of the building. Sheldon checks the mail and discovers a letter from his Meemaw, explaining that she's coming to visit Sheldon. Sheldon tells Leonard that his Meemaw is the sweetest woman in the world…unless you're a garden pilfering goat, which she kills with extreme violence.

Leonard and Sheldon head to the airport to pick up Sheldon's Meemaw. After they meet Sheldon's Meemaw at the gate, she lectures Sheldon for being mean to Leonard, which prompts Leonard to ask if she can live with them forever.

At the comic book store, Raj and Howard argue over Frozen. Howard doesn't understand why Elsa fled into isolation, but Raj says they shouldn't argue with the logic of the movie. A female patron interjects to bring up they retooled the entire movie around the song "Let It Go" and says that's why the movie probably sucks. Raj starts to argue with the woman, but she gets disturbed when Howard reveals Raj has been arguing about Frozen for an hour.

At the apartment, Sheldon introduces his Meemaw to Amy. Amy notes that Meemaw is sitting in Sheldon's spot (something that Sheldon says he'll never let Amy do) before Sheldon leaves the two alone to get the guest room ready. When Sheldon leaves the room, Meemaw confronts Amy and says that she came to California specifically to size Amy up. Amy's taken aback and is even more surprised when Meemaw instantly goes back to "nice grandma mode" when Sheldon comes back in the room.

Raj and Howard make some small talk with the female patron, whose name is Claire, and learn she's an aspiring screenwriter. When Claire learns that Raj is an astrophysicist, she gives him her number and asks if she can pick his brain for a movie she's writing. When Claire leaves, Howard asks Raj if Emily would approve of him helping a beautiful woman with her screenplay, but Raj doesn't seem to think it's a problem. Oh, and Howard makes a couple of cracks about Image's Saga series, so yay indie comics!

Back at the apartment, Amy continues to make a poor impression on Sheldon's Meemaw. First, she brings up that Amy doesn't seem to know Sheldon as well as Penny and Leonard does and then says that Amy having a job doesn't "bode well" because Sheldon needs more tending to then other men (like Leonard). When the argument begins to escalate, Amy tries to leave but not before Meemaw says that Sheldon shouldn't give Amy his family's engagement ring. Penny considers sticking around to see how all the drama plays out, but she quickly changes her mind when Amy asks if she knew about the ring. Sheldon follows them out the door after Meemaw tells him to leave to let the grownups (meaning her and Amy) talk.

Bernadette, Howard and Raj discuss Raj's encounter with Claire. Bernadette doesn't seem to think it's that big of a deal, but Raj mentions that he's not sure if Emily is the right girl for her. Raj decides to call Claire to tell her about Emily, but the phone call somehow turns into a coffee date. After Raj gets off the phone, Howard tells him that he needs to tell Emily, but Raj tries to deflect by telling Bernadette about Howard eating a block of cream cheese.

Meemaw reveals that she doesn't like Amy because she broke up with Sheldon a few months ago and that it hurt him very deeply. Sheldon arrives to defend Amy, leading Meemaw to reluctantly approve of Amy as a potential wife for Sheldon. When Amy tries to hint that Sheldon can now give her that engagement ring, Sheldon tells her to "cool her jets" because she already took his virginity.

The episode ends with Raj finally meeting up Claire. As they discuss the script, Raj has a daydream about the two getting married and having multiple kids (and Raj still not telling Emily that he's found someone else).